Pads for
every woman

which get rid of your discomfort including infections itchy or smell


  • 1 - Unique 3D Ergonomic Leg Cuff
  • 2 - Perforated Ultra Soft Top-sheet
  • 3 - Functional Chip With Anion, Far-IR, Nano Silver, Natural Anti-bacterial Action With Exclusive Herbal Extracts
  • 4 - Sterilized Upper Dust-free Protective Layer
  • 5 - Ultra Thin "Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP)" Layer
  • 6 - Sterilized Under Dust-free Protective Layer
  • 7 - Breathable, 100% Anti-leak and Strong Adhesive
  • 8 - Glue and PE Waterproof Release Paper
  • 9 - Shield Bacteria Wrapping

Functional Chips in AMEZ pads

  • Negative Ion - Suppress the survival, multiplication of bacterial and viruses effectively
  • Nano Silver - Powerful anti-bacterial effect 100 times more effective at killing harmful bacteria than normal silver clip
  • Far Infrared- Helps improved blood circulations in the body. Promote body metabolism and soothe menstrual pain

Herbal Ingredients for our AMEZ pads

  • Tea Plant - Natural minerals aid in relieving menstrual pain, cramping and discomfort
  • Chamomile - Contain antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties. Guards vagina against yeast infection. Also acts as a mood-lifter
  • Lavender - Relieving pain and increases level of relaxation. Acts as a calmer hence promotes a restful sleep
  • Aloe Vera - High level contain of antiseptic properties. Highly effective in reducing itchiness & irritation of the skin
  • Pepper mint - Acts as an antiseptic and anti-bacterial agent. Soothes itching, irritation, pain and infection

Amez Care Day Use Bio Herbal Sanitary Functional Pad

Amez Care Night Use Bio Herbal Sanitary Functional Pad

Amez Care Pantyliner Bio Herbal Sanitary Functional Pad

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